Weldon Angelos



Weldon Angelos was released from prison on May 31, 2016!  Read more from the Salt Lake City Tribune

Weldon Angelos was only twenty-five years old when he was sentenced to a mandatory 55-year prison sentence under mandatory minimum drug and gun laws. Weldon was sentenced to spending the rest of his life in prison for selling a pound of marijuana to a confidential informant while, the informant claimed, in the possession of a gun.

Weldon was an aspiring musician who had founded his own label, Extravagant Records, and worked with artists like Snoop Dogg. Weldon also got involved in selling marijuana.

Salt Lake City police arranged for a confidential informant, an acquaintance of Weldon’s, to purchase a half-pound of marijuana from Weldon on two separate occasions. The informant told police that Weldon had a gun on both occasions.

When police search Weldon’s home, they found guns, drug paraphernalia, and other evidence and he was charged with twenty charges that including possession of a firearm in furtherance of drug trafficking.

Weldon was found guilty on sixteen charges, and sentenced to 55 years.

Even the Judge in his case compares the sentence to sentences of terrorists and child rapists, which would be less than half the time than Weldon was sentenced to.

Below are compelling videos of the unreasonable, unnecessary and senseless tragedy of his sentence on Weldon and his family.