Tim Tylor


When Tim Tyler was around 18 years old he had recently graduated from high school and was working as a busboy.  Then he discovered the Grateful Dead and LSD and he was hooked.  Tim spent the next few years following the band when it went on tour and made whatever money he could.  At shows he’d sell beer, fruit smoothies, fried dough, and nitrous oxide to other Deadheads.  And he took and bought LSD.  Tim suffered from some underlying mental health issues and on several occasions was placed in mental hospitals for 30 days at a time.  Tim moved around the country, following the Dead and trying various ways to make ends meet.  One of those ways was selling LSD to friends that he bought at the shows.  Tim was eventually arrested for selling LSD and was twice charged with distribution, receiving probation for both charges.

Then a friend of Tim’s got arrested for selling drugs and started working as a confidential informant.  The friend set Tim up by having Tim mail him over 9000 hits of LSD for the friend and for distribution to other friends.  Officers were waiting and arrested people as they came to get the drugs.

Tim was charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute LSD.  Tim pled guilty to the charge.  In 1994, Based on the weight of the drug, which included the blotter paper the drug was infused in, Tim, at the age of 25,  received the mandatory minimum sentence of life in prison, without the possibility of parole.