Pinkney Clowers



“I have come to believe that experience can truly be a great teacher.  Even when it is painful.  If we look for and use the lessons.”  Pinkney Clowers
Pinkney Clowers is serving life without parole convicted of running a Continuing Criminal Enterprise conviction in crack cocaine conspiracy

The story of Pinkney Clowers is the story of everything that’s wrong with the drug war.  It is the story of how a sweet happy black child who did well in school and went to church ended up, a few short later years later, locked up for the rest of his life with no possibility of parole.  It is a story of conspiracy and mandatory minimum sentencing.  It is a story of co-conspirator deal-making and lies.  It is a story of a “criminal justice system” that favors drug prosecutions and gives almost all the power to prosecutors.  It is also a story of bias, prejudice, and racism.

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