Law: The nation that calls itself “the land of the free” has the highest percentage of its citizens in prisons, with a disproportionate minority population. The primary cause is the unjustly Drug War, which, through selective prosecution, has caused more harms than problems it has solved.

Economics: The War on Drugs is an economic powerhouse that preys on the poor and disenfranchised. It affects social and economic stability. It creates and causes poverty and enslaves the felon class, preventing a segment from contributing to society.

Health: Drug addiction is serious issue in our country that must be addressed as a public health problem, not a criminal one, as prisons have no incentive to correct the inmate’s behavior. Drug War Stories opposes prohibition and supports a scientifically based medical approach to harm reduction.

Morality: The policies of prohibition, criminalization, and incarceration are inconsistent with our morals and values as a society founded upon freedom and equality. Drug War Stories will examine the morality and the moral consequences of the War on Drugs.