Clemency Denial – thoughts from Pinkney Clowers


Pinkney Clowers

Among the many thousands upon thousands who were denied clemency by former President Obama was Pinkney Clowers, sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for drug crimes purportedly committed when he was between the ages of 15 and 19 years old.

Despite the inherent injustice of Pinkney’s continued incarceration for crimes committed primarily when he was a minor (while everyone else involved in the alleged conspiracy of which Pinkney was the supposed “ring-leader” have long ago since been released), Pinkney continues to maintain his sense of hope and resiliency of spirit that should be an inspiration to all.  Drug War Stories recently asked Pinkney to reflect upon his thoughts when he was denied clemency, and he responded as follows:

A Glimmer Of Hope

“For both Seekers and Freedom Fighters, any kind of encounter with adversity, limitation or opposition, can serve as a heated crucible for activating the Inner Spirit and forging a patient, persistent attitude.” (Anonymous)

Walking to the Unit Manager’s office I felt a strange combination of anticipation and relief that I had one less thing to wait on related to my freedom. I believe that most of us know that the mind can be an obedient servant or cruel master. The latter option goads the incarcerated person to create all types of scenarios, that if allowed will play in an endless loop. Imagine a twenty-four year loop that could possibly end with a simple signature.

As I stood outside the office door part of my mind was engaged in a conversation that was taking place, the other part was seeking to roam around in the Unit Manager’s office to try and read what was on the desk related to me. By now I knew it was from the Pardon’s Office because some other guys had received letters as well.

After signing for, doing a quick scan for the words Granted or Denied and then reading the faxed letter, I told the Unit Manager thank you and exited her office. To say I was not disappointed would be an un-truth, but luckily (I guess) over the years one learns to only have a ‘glimmer of hope’ when it relates to one individual or particular administration trying to correct a systemic injustice that has been implemented on a large scale.

I am fortunate to have family and friends who pray for me and send waves of positive energy my way. This has helped tremendously to sustain me and to continually cultivate a ‘glimmer of hope’ that I have faith will one day prove to be the Master Key to unlocking my freedom on all levels of existence. (To be continued)…

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