He ended up losing his gallbladder and parts of his bowel, colon and rectum. The bullets also damaged his liver, small intestine and pancreas. His lung partially collapsed. His left leg was broken. One of his vertebrae was partially destroyed; two others were fractured. He’ll never walk again or be able to have kids of his own. He’ll also need to use a colostomy bag for the rest of his life.
Before last year, Ayelet Waldman, a Berkeley author, mother of four, and the wife of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon, would have never considered taking psychedelic drugs on a consistent basis. But when mood swings brought about by premenstrual dysphoric...
Today President Obama commuted the sentences of an additional 111 inmates, including lifers Rudy Martinez and Tim Tyler, featured here on Drug War Stories.  This brings the total number of commutations by Obama to 673, 232 of which were...
Usually there's a really good feeling when you have been proven right. Except when the destruction has caused so many ills of society that there is real question of its repair.