The Purpose and Mission of Drug War Stories is to give voice to the victims of the Drug War.  many of the stories featured will be first person – from those affected by the War on Drugs. We hope real stories from real people will better foster public awareness of alternatives to prohibition and criminalization.  

Let’s be frank: the Drug War is a civil war – it is a war against ourselves and we are all its casualties, suffering a senseless self-inflicted tragedy.  The Drug War is millions arrested and millions imprisoned.  The Drug War is careers lost, lives destroyed, educations abandoned, families torn apart … and children crying.

Our Mission is to end the War on Drugs.  We will put a human face on the Drug War.  We will tell the stories of the war’s casualties and examine its negative consequences.  We will use a variety of means and media and we will work in concert with other individuals, groups, and organizations that share our purpose and mission.

Victory will be achieved when the War on Drugs is abolished. 

Every year in the United States, a million and a half people are arrested for drug crimes.  Thousands of people are serving life in prison for non-violent drug crimes.  Millions are incarcerated or on probation.  Millions of careers and jobs are lost.  Millions of lives are destroyed.  Trillions of dollars are wasted or never earned.  Educations are abandoned and homes and properties seized.  Thousands are maimed or killed.  Millions of families are torn apart.  Children are crying.

Drug War Stories will share the stories of these casualties of the war.  It will share stories of those who have lost freedom.  It will share stories of those who have lost jobs or careers.  It will share stories of those who have lost educations due to losing their scholarships or other residual effects.  It will share the stories those who have lost property because of government encroachment on civil liberties, like civil asset forfeiture.  It will share the stories of those who lost their lives or seriously injured due to an ever increasing application of SWAT tactics.  And it will share the stories of those who have lost their families or friends due to overdose or incarceration.

There are millions of stories to tell.  We hope to be able to tell them with your help