Tell Us Your Story

The mission of Drug War Stories is to inform through stories of the harms caused by the War on Drugs.  We all have personal stories as a result of the War on Drugs.

Have you been affected by the War on Drugs and have a story that you want to tell?  Perhaps your story isn’t about getting arrested unfairly, but it about another issue on the War on Drugs? Perhaps you lost access to college scholarships because you have a minor drug conviction? Or perhaps your parent or sister went to prison due to an addiction.  Or perhaps your son or daughter died from a drug overdose? Maybe you are a former police officer who wants to talk about your experiences?  Or perhaps you are a spiritual leader and would like to talk about morality and fairness with regards to the War on Drugs?

Whether you, or a family member, has lost liberty through incarceration, lost a job, lost educational assistance, or lost property; whether you have had a loved one injured or killed in a drug related raid; whether you’re a teacher who sees a pupil start acting up after the incarceration of a parent; or you’re a person whose loved one has died from an opioid related drug overdose, everyone has been affected by the drug war somehow.  We all have stories to tell.

No matter the story, you should have an opportunity to tell your Drug War Stories. We are here to be the conduit through which you can tell your story.  Fill out the contact information below and we will coordinate publication on our site.