Every year in the United States, a million and a half people are arrested for drug crimes.  Thousands of people are serving life in prison for non-violent drug crimes.  Millions are incarcerated or on probation.  Millions of careers and jobs are lost.  Millions of lives are destroyed.  Trillions of dollars are wasted or never earned.  Educations are abandoned and homes and properties seized.  Thousands are maimed or killed.  Millions of families are torn apart.  Children are crying.

Drug War Stories will share the stories of these casualties of the war.  It will share stories of those who have lost freedom.  It will share stories of those who have lost jobs or careers.  It will share stories of those who have lost educations due to losing their scholarships or other residual effects.  It will share the stories those who have lost property because of government encroachment on civil liberties, like civil asset forfeiture.  It will share the stories of those who lost their lives or seriously injured due to an ever increasing application of SWAT tactics.  And it will share the stories of those who have lost their families or friends due to overdose or incarceration.

There are millions of stories to tell.  We hope to be able to tell them with your help

The idea for Drug War Stories was borne from founder Jeremy Theoret’s first-hand life experience when Jeremy and his family personally felt some of the effects of the War on Drugs.  Jeremy lost his teaching job due to his treating his medical condition with medical cannabis.  Inspired by the words and lives of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., Jeremy decided to go to law school to fight injustices he saw throughout the world, beginning with the Drug War.  Jeremy believes that the Drug War, and its individual and social harms, is the most important Civil Rights issue of our times.

Drug War Stories, LLC was founded in 2016.

We thought about the difficulty of trying to change the many myths and stereotypes of the Drug War: hooded thugs torturing and killing, strung out junkies committing crimes, and dealers “pushing” drugs on kids.  We thought, “it’s not like people view the drug war as a terrible tragedy with children crying.”  And then it hit us: that is exactly how the War on Drugs should be viewed, from the viewpoint of the crying child who has lost a parent to mass incarceration.

The Drug War ignores medical and scientific evidence, not to mention morality and common sense, by adopting a prohibition and criminalization-oriented approach that has not worked and that causes much more harm than good, indeed, we can think of no good that has come from prohibition and criminalization.  The stories of real people, the casualties of this war, and analysis of the social, health, legal, economic, and moral costs associated with this unnecessary suffering, are the most powerful arguments for ending the War on Drugs.

And the Drug War must end.  There can be no victory.  It will remain a war without end until we act affirmatively to end it.

Working together we can end the War on Drugs.

DSCF4611Jeremy Theoret, is Founder and President of Drug War Stories.  He is an attorney, state judicial educator, and member of the New Mexico State Bar.  Jeremy earned his Juris Doctor from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 2010.  Jeremy also holds a Master of Education degree.  In college, Jeremy majored in Sociology and Political Science.

Jeremy practiced civil ligation for five years.  Prior to that, Jeremy taught middle school and high school history, social studies, language arts, and science classes for twelve years and was a librarian for three years.  Jeremy also owns several businesses.




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