Arlana Moore





Alana Moore is a former meth addict who is serving a mandatory sentence of Life Without Parole following her third drug-related conviction, which consisted of trading boxes of Sudafed to a meth cook/dealer in exchange for cooked meth.  Like so many other drug cases, Arlana was charged with conspiracy and the amount of meth that could possibly be made from the Sudafed she provided was added with other amounts held by the cook/dealer – increasing the possible quantity of meth Arlana was charged with and the amount of time she faced in prison.  While Arlana continues to languish in prison, however, the cook/dealer and his other accomplices have already been released after serving substantially shorter sentences.  Arlana is no danger to anyone and should be immediately released.

Drug War Stories wrote to Arlana earlier this year and received a lengthy letter describing her life, background, addiction, criminal history, and prison experiences.

Read Arlana’s story here.